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New Client Referrals

Interested In Placing Your Loved One In Our Care?

Referral Packets Should Include:

- Current Support or Care Plan

- Current Nursing Care Plan (if applicable)

- Nursing/medical notes and recommendations

- Behavioral history & latest psychological examination

- All current medications and treatment plan

** Referral packets can be securely uploaded below, faxed to (904)485-8541 or emailed to **

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Each client referral will be reviewed by the Interdisciplinary Team during the weekly management meeting. Waiver Support Coordinators, Social Workers, and Parents/Guardians should expect to receive a response within 3 business days following the review.

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A Medicaid® Approved Provider (FL & GA)
APD MedWaiver & iBudget Approved Provider

Our Residential Care Home provides the following placement options:

Acute - post release medically needy residential habilitation

Respite - Intermittent, pre-scheduled/situational placement <14 days

Short Term - less than 30 day placement during transitional situations

Long Term / Permanent Placement - Ongoing residential habilitation services 

**Please Note: Due the vulnerable nature of the current resident and the location of our River Bend Home, we do not currently accept any individuals with a Sex Offender status. Any criminal history will be reviewed in detail and all current court orders or probation requirements should be included within the referral packet.