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Welcome to ARJ

Thank you for considering A River’s Journey for your loved one’s continued care needs. We are confident that you will be exceedingly satisfied with the services that we offer.

The information below will provide a brief, yet comprehensive overview of our organization, facilities, services and reporting mechanisms. Should you have questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us.

ARJ provides an approach to care as unique as the individuals we serve. The model would be best described as having all the amenities and service offerings of a traditional long-term care facility within an intimate, cozy home environment. In addition to the increased skill level of direct care providers, onsite licensed nursing team members and the opportune supervision level of maximum 1:1 ratio (clients to staff members); allows for an unparalleled attention to detail and care.

Our Services

A River's Journey is a Residential Care Home for medically fragile children and young adults. We are a skilled nursing facility where children with special needs come to be engaged, challenged and have an amazing time. We care for you little ones with needs ranging from traches, ventilators and suctioning, to g-tubes and splints.

We are a Medicaid, CMS & WellCare approved provider and also accept many private insurances and association contributions from providers like NICA and CCPS. All services offered are covered by insurance, so there is no out of pocket cost to our parents/caregivers.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Placement - Long-Term (permanent), Short-Term (less than 30 days).
  • Respite Care - Overnight stays? No problem. In your home or ours granting you peace of mind in your absence.
  • Home Health Care - In your home if you prefer, by a consistent, licensed professional who will be on time and respect your home.
  • Personal Support - Don't need nursing as much as general supervision? Personal Supports may be just the thing for you.
  • After School Medical Supervision - After PPEC, daycare or school with a nursing component to meet your child's care needs.
  • Weekend Availability? Absolutely. We're here and prepared to care for the most medically fragile clients to those who just need a spot of help.

**All of our services include Skilled Nursing at no additional cost. Transportation to and from is also provided at no additional cost. Secured video conferencing to monitor what's going on with your little one is also available at no additional charge.**

The Team

To broaden your understanding of the areas of care address within the ARJ facility; the following specialties are either employees of the organization or contracted consultants with years of experience provided specialized support to our individuals:

·Direct Support Professionals & Certified Medical Assistants – Providing day-to-day care needs for all individuals within the residence. Daily programming and hygiene needs as well as medication administration is provided by this intricate piece of our team.

·QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional) – Provides Support/Implementation Planning, monitoring and coordinates in-home operations concerns. With 15+ years of experience working directly with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Sonya’s experience includes, but is not limited to: Case management or activities that include involvement with individuals in daily, work or social activities. Interactions with consumers in the implementation of individual service plans, education plans or behavior programs. Gathering behavior program data by interacting with or observing consumers to determine appropriate program implementation.

·Facility Administrator – Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulations governing the facility. Responsible for timely, monthly progress reporting to both guardian and funding source alike. This party serves as a single-point-of contact, also assuming 24/7 on-call accessibility to information pertaining to the status of client care. A non-profit organization director with a diverse 14-year record of successful oversight and direction in all aspects of daily program/department operations in both the public and private sectors. Extensive knowledge forecasting program needs, establishing meaningful attainable objectives, fiscal management and revision. Additionally, the consistent monitoring and reevaluation of programs for effectiveness, compliance with federal/state guidelines as well as agency policy and procedure.

The organization also has the following licensed professionals to provide contracted, consulting services assuring a more in-depth, detailed assessments and recommendations for care as the needs for your individual change.

·Registered Nurse – Overall program medical training and compliance. 24/7 on-call duties and response. Monthly, on-site assessment and review of client needs, Medication Administration Records and medical visit planning and scheduling.

·Physical Therapist – Providing initial and quarterly reviews of individual’s physical support needs from adaptive equipment to transferring recommendations.

·Registered Dietician – Supporting dietary needs through assessment and modification as needed to ensure optimal health and wellness.

·Certified Behavior Analyst – Addressing behavioral planning and interventions when necessary for client success.

All staff supporting individuals maintain the following certifications and trainings annually:

Educational Requirements • Current Driver's License • Driving Record Check • Affidavit of Good Moral Character • Local Law Clearance • FDLE Clearance • FBI Clearance Character References • Minimum 2 Yrs Experience • Zero Tolerance Training • Bill of Rights Training • HIV/AIDS Training • Core Competency • HIPAA Training • Sexual Activity Policy Training • CEMP Training • Current First Aid • Current CPR • RS Emergency Procedure Training • Medication Administration Validation • Support Planning

The Details

With a daily rate well below the current 2016 Medicaid Custodial Residential Care Rate, we commit to offer all the traditional services rendered at a larger institution within a smaller, home-like environment local to the families of our clients.

As the client needs change, we will evaluate his/her service offerings for to increase or decrease the presence of certain specialists, services until the desired goal is met. The daily rate listed above is all-inclusive. With the exception of personal spending, clothing and medication, which the prospective client has covered through insurance, all other common place and daily needs will be fulfilled by the facility without the need for further compensation.

This includes but is not limited to: adult briefs, recreational activities, hygiene supplies, nutritional supplements, transportation, specialty equipment and reporting/data collection. Consultant services are compensated through the organization at our cost as well.

Hopefully this brief overview has given you the insight necessary to make the best decision for our perspective common client.

Again, thank you for considering A River’s Journey, LLC (ARJ) to provide personalized holistic care to your client.


Latrena Thomas-Holman MSW, MSM, AD

Chief Executive Officer – A River’s Journey, LLC - Direct Email - Referral Submissions
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